Pacemakers (Part 1)
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Welcome to Part 1 of Pacemakers!
In this section, we will cover the basics of pacemaker function. Standard pacemaker mode nomenclature and various pacing modes will also be reviewed. This section will serve as the foundation for understanding and being able to recongize normal and inappropriate pacemaker function on an ECG.

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  • Total lessons: 16
  • HIGH-YIELD learning time: ~2 hours
  • Maximum quiz time: 110 minutes
  • Describe the basic functions of pacemakers, including pacing, sensing, and inhibition
  • Describe and recognize fusion and pseudofusion on an ECG
  • Describe pacemaker mode nomenclature
  • Describe the difference between fixed-rate and demand pacing
  • Describe the difference single- and dual-chamber pacing
  • Recognize various single- and dual-chamber pacing modes
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Anthony Kashou, MD
The EKG Guy | USA