Independent 12-Lead ECG Interpretation
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Welcome to Independent 12-Lead ECG Interpretation!
In this section, you are presented with a clinical stem and a 12-lead ECG.  In contrast to the Guided 12-Lead ECG Interpretation section, you are now on your own! You are provided standard diagnostic ECG codes to make a final interpretation. Each case includes a brief explanation of the interpretation, key diagnostic features, and case-related ECG pearls. It's time for to fine tune your skills, get comfortable approaching a 12-lead ECG on your own, and build some confidence in the process. You got this!

Recommended Approach Clinical Cases
  1. Start the clinical case without looking at the interpretation explanation, key diagnostic features, or EKG pearls below the case.
  2. When approaching each case, realize that more than one answer (diagnostic label) may be selected. Note that there may be sets of answer choices in which no choice should be selected. For instance, if there you come to the Atrioventricular (AV) Conduction answer choices and the EKG does not demonstrate any AV conduction abnormality, choose "None of the above" and click "Check" to earn a point. Consider each set of answer options for a category to be a question for which you can earn you a point.
  3. Once you complete all answer option sections, click "Finish" and review the interpretation explanation, key diagnostic features, and EKG pearls.
Case-Gated Learning: After completing a clinical case, the next clinical case will become available.

Star points Points are earned for completing lessons, quizzes, and practice questions, which help you climb the leaderboard.

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  • Total lessons: 26
  • HIGH-YIELD learning time: depends on comfort level (goal: 5 minutes or less per ECG)
  • Quiz time: 0 minutes (case-based learning)
  • Solidify a 12-lead EKG interpretation approach
  • Independent 12-lead EKG interpretation
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