Normal, Artifacts, & Miscellaneous
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Welcome to Normal, Artifacts, and Miscellaneous!
In this section, we will cover normal and normal variant ECGs, artifacts, electrode placement errors, and various important QRS-ST-T findings. While many of the diagnoses in this section become secondary findings, they are importnat in making an accurate, complete, and final clinical ECG interpretation.

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  • Total lessons: 23
  • HIGH-YIELD learning time: ~75 minutes
  • Maximum quiz time: 110 minutes
  • Describe and recognize a normal 12-lead ECG
  • Describe and recognize normal variant ECG patterns
  • Describe and recognize early repolarization on a 12-lead ECG
  • Recognize various artifacts and incorrect electrode placement on a 12-lead ECG
  • Identify various QRS-ST-T abnormalities on a 12-lead ECG, including nonspecific ST-T abnormalities, prolonged QT interval, prominent U waves, low QRS voltage, and electrical alternans
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